Share Transfer Agreement Ireland

Transfer to existing shareholders Transfer to third parties Follow-up planning Share for the exchange of shares Company Acquisition Company Restructuring Enterprise Bureau can assist in a transfer of company shares in Ireland or the allocation of new shares. It`s important to get professional advice, whether it`s from a secretarial expert, a tax advisor, or both. Form SD4 allows The Revenue Commissioners to assess the market value of the transferred shares and determine the stamp duty to be paid correctly. From time to time, the Finance Commissioners ask for additional information, especially when the change occurs between persons bound by blood or marriage, i.e. between the accounts of previous years. Shareholders can transfer their shares to existing shareholders or third parties (in case of demerf, share exchange, restructurings) The main reason for using a shareholders` agreement is that it is a private document between the parties that may be subject to explicit confidentiality restrictions. On the other hand, the statutes of a company are a public document available to the public at the Office of Commercial Registers. This makes the Constitution an inappropriate means of managing issues such as directors` compensation or other sensitive internal management issues. Each company holding a share capital has an authorized amount of share capital, as indicated in the company`s memorandum.