Thrifty Rental Agreement

7.7 You acknowledge that Thrifty can rely on the vehicle`s condition report to assess the damage to the vehicle. Your Leasing Responsibility – Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group has introduced a new national non-smoking policy, including our Hawaiian sites, for all vehicles in our fleet. With the withdrawal of their vehicle on January 6, 2010, each tenant is invited to sign the rental agreement which contains the following statement: By choosing the “Accept” button below, I confirm that I understand that Dollar/Thrifty prohibits smoking in the rental car. I agree that I can be held liable for a tax of up to $250 if someone smokes in the vehicle for the duration of the rental. On most THRIFTY sites, the tenant may be subject to one or more of the following fees and charges: (i) a concession recovery fee (airport) or a fee for off-airport access; (ii) a consolidated installation fee (airport); plus loyalty supplements and licence fees, which represent the estimated average per day per share of our total annual taxes, licence, titling and registration fees, as well as other government fees or royalties in addition to the daily amount and all optional products and services chosen by the tenant. These fees are charged either per day or as a rental fee. 5.33 We will notify you of any charges on your loading card of the details you provided at the beginning of your rental. Unlimited mileage applies to all vehicle rents. Before deciding whether LDW should be purchased, the tenant can decide whether their own auto insurance or credit card agreement provides coverage for damage or losses incurred by rental vehicles and determines the amount of the deductible under your own insurance coverage. The purchase of LDW is not mandatory. LDW is not insurance. For rents in Hawaii: 1) if the OPS is purchased at the time of the rental and the vehicle is returned with a full tank, the customer receives a credit for the amount previously charged for the OPS; Or 2) that the OPS was purchased if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than it was rented, the tenant receives a credit for the additional gallons/liters.

The rental service charge refers to the rental costs described in Part C. 19.5, if your rent is less than a Thrifty business account, these terms and conditions of sale must be read subject to the corresponding enterprise agreement. Physical Injury Waiver (PDW): If I accept PDW, waive me and all licensed drivers responsible for losses or damage to the rental vehicle up to the full value of the vehicle, minus the first $500.00, provided I comply with the terms of the lease. If the foreign driver`s licence comes from a country where “permanent” or “unseated” driver`s licenses are issued, the tenant and all other drivers must also present their passport, visa or other recent document issued in the United States at the beginning of the rent that authorizes the tenant or driver to stay in the United States at the time of the tenancy. and have two (2) valid forms of identification. I return the car to the office indicated on the date and time indicated on the rent statement, or earlier if you request it, in the state in which I received it.