MoMo Cinema is a cinema on wheels. Momo, a van from 80’s, travels to remote villages, refugee camps, orphanages, hospitals and prisons with the purpose to screen cartoons to children and children by heart. The pit stops are mostly places where kids do not have access to cinemas and are living in hard conditions.


The MoMo Crew will be teaching kids how to take photos and how to create short films on the topic previously selected (for example Child’s Happiness). The artworks created by the kids who will participate in the workshops along the way, will be presented to wider public as photography exhibitions, documentary film and other art forms. The creativity of the children will travel alongside with MoMo and the MoMo Crew takes full responsibly to inspire people and to achieve higher awareness. 


The main purpose of MoMo Cinema traveling to Iran is to have fun with kids. To invite the children to a world of imagination where everything is possible and where they can forget just for a while. The MoMo Crew will give its best to try and understand what makes children happy in all of these 8 listed countries. Later on, the MoMo Crew will be sharing the knowledge obtained along the way in more privileged countries, with the hope that the viewers will learn from these children, that they will open their eyes and hearts and will remember again what really matters in today’s materialistic world.



Our mission is to travel all the way from Slovenia to Iran, passing through 10 countries, with a renovated van, an ‘up-cycled’ mobile cinema. On the way we plan to visit refugee camps, orphanages, asylum centers and other critical zones (borders), where we will screen carefully selected cartoons and animation movies to children. Moreover, we will organize free film and photography workshops for children to empower them to share their view, opinion, stories on topics such as ‘Happiness’ and ‘Imagine Europe’. The art created by children on workshops will travel alongside with the MoMo Crew who takes full responsibility to inspire people and to achieve higher awareness.

Once home, the art created by children will be presented to general public in Slovenia in form of photography exhibitions and documentary movie. We hope this act of art will raise awareness on cultural diversity, inclusion, empathy, solidarity. Moreover, we will organize project presentations and join activities in cooperation with partner organizations (public discussions, panels), tackling the culture of hate and humiliation, inclusiveness, cultural diversity, with a focus on racism which is scarily rising among Slovenian population.


This is the fun part! In Slovenia we have a saying that goes ‘If you go slow, you will get far’. Therefore, we will be traveling with an old-timer van Renault Traffic (year 1988) which can not go faster than 100km/h, but it is reliable and very easy to fix if needed. The idea is to install a projection screen on the side of the van, so MoMo Cinema can be ready in a blink of an eye. Most of the equipment has already been donated by the organization Schüler Helfen Leben, based in Berlin, Germany, and includes: FullHD Projector, Projection Screen, Sound System and Power Generator. Computers and Hard Drives, Cameras Sony and Canon are private possessions of the MoMo Crew members. Local artists, animation festival Animateka and independent animators have already donated cartoons and animated movies. Currently, we are in the phase of applying the project for European Funds grants as we are still in need of some equipment to realize the film and photography workshops and to do a paint job of a van.



The MoMo Cinema journey is a circular one, starting in Slovenia, as well as ending it, visiting 10 countries on the way, which are: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Greece, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. The way is planned according to locations of refugee centers, asylum centers, orphanages and border zones where MoMo Crew will screen cartoons and animated movies, and carry out video and photography workshops. The entire way is approximately 15.000km and will take 3 to 4 months to complete.



This is an innovative project in a way that empowers children to express themselves by art as a method which might help them to deal with their own experience, but it also offers the opportunities to influence and promote a strong anti-exclusion and anti – racism message – this being the strongest benefit of this project. Art is a universal language, powerful media; everyone can use it, it shows emotions, state of the person who created it, it is personal and intimate and this is why it makes it even more powerful.

Our priority is to bring back smiles on children’s faces, encourage them to leave behind their harsh reality and just to be simply kids again, even for a little while. Taking children into the magical and creative world of colors, music and imagination. Helping them to forget their everyday struggles, giving them a chance to be playful and joyous again. This is something children all around the world deserve, and have the right to. Happy children have a positive impact on adults around them; giving their parents and family a reason to live. They motivate and inspire their community to overcome obstacles faced through their unfair situations. Implementing film and photography workshops will give these children a creative outlet, allowing them to express and heal some of their harsh experiences. We are doing this project also to learn from them how to be genuinely happy, even in situations that are unfair and painful. What is happiness, what does it mean to them and how do they find it?

If they will succeed in forgetting all the horrible and inhumane moments, they store deep inside in their sub consciousness; if they will succeed to do it even for a short moment, then our mission will be successful as well. Simple as that!


Now we humbly ask for you to contribute to this project. Help us bring joy to the kids and make their future a better place. By donating, it also sends a clear message to those in need that you care about their situation & offer your support. If you are unable to help by making a donation, please share this campaign via social media or email.
We already have most of the necessary equipment for our mobile cinema to function, including projector, screen, power generator, sound system, pillows, blankets and popcorn machine. Cartoons have been donated by local artists, TV studios and independent animators who are passionate about this project.  Your donations will allow this project to become a reality, as we welcome contributions to get this show on the road! We welcome contributions for the inherent travel costs to move from our base in Slovenia out into the world (see below for more information about project costs).


  • travel expenses (petrol, visas)
  • screening expenses (lights, popcorn, blankets, pillows)
  • new paint job for the van