Victorian Teachers Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

The Secondary Pathway is only available to public bodies whose current agreement reaches its nominal expiry date on 30 June 2020 or before 30 June 2020. Pay equity between some early childhood and school teachers was originally established in the 2016 company agreement. The teachers then got their new deal in 2017, which could be renewed if they reach a new deal, which is expected to be concluded in the middle of next year. In order to support the revised wage policy and improve the government`s approval process, a new framework has been developed for corporate negotiations. Both wage policy and the framework for corporate bargaining aim to encourage public sector authorities to take a more strategic approach to corporate bargaining, focusing on the operational and public priorities of government, which bring real benefits to the public sector and to all Victorians. Before negotiations take place, public sector authorities must obtain government approval and submit best practices for approval for persons negotiating under the primary route. To be approved by the government, a proposed company agreement (whether a main agreement or a non-main agreement) must meet all the conditions set out in the wage policy.