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Yes. In addition to the minimum 12 months you hire as an au pair in the United States, you also have the option to extend your stay by an additional 6, 9 or 12 months. More than 40% of our peers take advantage of this excellent opportunity! The most important thing is to talk to your host family about any travel plans you are considering. Discuss together whether there are any thoughts and risks that the trip would entail, including the inability to reintegrate into the United States. It is also important to remember that your host family may have additional concerns and your decision to travel may impact whether you continue to be your au pair. Start your profile to become a free Au Pair! We will not ask you to pay until you find your family. At Cultural Care, we are very happy that our au pairs are starting to travel in June! Best of all, at Cultural Care, we don`t ask you to pay until you find your family. This means you can learn more about our program, work on your au pair application and even work with your host family for free. At Cultural Care, we believe that cultural exchange makes the world a better place. With the current period of uncertainty during the global development of COVID-19/Coronavirus, there is no better time to reflect on what is really important, and for us, it is to bring global families together. Our online training school is an entertaining and interactive way to complete your au pair training.

You have interactive courses with our teachers, CPR trainings and individual competency assessments, as well as virtual social affairs, to connect with peers who arrive in the United States at the same time as you. We recommend that all placed au pairs who had planned to travel during the Executive Order, speak to their host family to discuss their situation and see if they could qualify for any of the exceptions. As a Cultural Care Au Pair, sign up for a premium program, the most upscale way to live and work abroad. At Cultural Care, we use our 30-year expertise to ensure you get the best training, preparation and support throughout your journey. Find out why we are the best option to help you in your au pair experience. We have sent an email and we are addressing all au pairs whose host family has this option – if we are not in contact with you, it means that your travel plans will not be affected. Yes, if you intend to join a host family after your postponed exams have taken place. Please note that this is a U.S. State Department requirement that all au pairs have completed high school before joining their host family, so keep us informed of your new exam dates. Do I have to pay a fee to extend my participation for another 2 months? No, neither host families nor peers have to pay a fee for this 2-month program extension. Cultural Care in the U.S. is speaking to the U.S.

Department of State to clarify matters, and we will update this page if there is any additional information. In particular, we are looking at whether au pairs who already have a visa can travel or not. The specific J-1 exceptions for the peer program are as follows: Due to ongoing efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve, au pairs may have an additional delay compared to May to travel to the United States. We do our best to allow our au pairs to travel on time, but there are a few factors that could temporarily delay your trip: find out what it takes to become a Cultural Care Au Pair. Check out our qualifications and program requirements to see how you`re doing together! As an au pair, you focus on the care of your foster children. Find out more about the general obligations and responsibilities of an au pair. Yes! We still have a lot of families looking for an au pair! Our host families plan ahead so you can already talk to them for a departure in the future..