Agreement Between Grading

Because the writing process is task-oriented, the tasks of the writing process become decisive steps towards a successful notation. The development stages, peer review, review, feedback integration, etc. all help students gain recognition for their work, while training them, respecting the steps taken by effective authors. As the emphasis is on processes and not on finished products, contract classes provide a safe and supportive space to develop as authors. I ended this thread by saying, “I`m not going to go back to conventional classification, and I`m happy to share ideas (and even contract evaluation tables) if others are interested in learning more about adopting alternative models.” A few people asked for my paintings, so I sent an example of my text class (without names or student records, of course). The contract score gives you more control over your score, since your rating is primarily determined by the completion of tasks. However, for some students, it is tempting to drag the work when you get a grade, when it can do your school work, and when that outside motivation is removed, it can be tempting to drag the work. The risk is that many contractual classes are task-oriented, so the motivation for what has been done must come from you, not from the outside. A study published in 1990 received opinions on the contracting system for 51 bachelor`s graduates and 28 graduate graduates from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Students at both levels responded positively to the contract grade system. They agreed that the scoring system and allocations were clear from the outset, that the system was appropriate and that the scores were awarded fairly.

When asked about the effectiveness and importance of different aspects of contract scoring, students indicated that the key elements were the control they could feel in determining their grades, clear expectations for performance in the course, reference to task criteria, and the approach to mastering learning. [5] I discovered some additional hidden benefits for using a rating contract. Contract grading emphasizes writing processes and work as much or more as finished products. Becoming a strong and flexible writer requires a lot of exercise (fortunately, it`s not a natural gift that some people have and some people don`t). Like portfolio valuation, the goal is for you to become a more effective author in the long run, focusing a lot on writing processes, rather than focusing on creating a perfect paper to earn an “A.” I am not going to explain here why I moved on to the contract note, nor am I going to replicate the way I explain it to the students.